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    15 minute snapshots of your office – not just files, everything.

    Files are great, but what about everything that makes those files accessible like servers and programs? Business Continuity Vault puts everything into a “bubble” that can be easily transported to another piece of hardware. In the event of a disaster, this makes it easy to run all of your office bubbles on other computers in the cloud, or even at your house. This means you won’t be waiting for files to transfer slowly back to your machine, you can use your complete machine from our cloud exactly how you left it.

    It’s more than just a backup

    The Business Continuity Vault system takes snapshots every 15 minutes of all of your infrastructure technology, and you can restore files anytime from your Business Continuity Vault device. It can also replace a server in the event of hardware failure because all of your systems are in those “bubbles” we just talked about.

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    Tired of storing and losing those tapes?

    Did you know that if you leave a backup tape in your car on hot summer day, it’s likely going to be useless the next time you try to restore? Business Continuity Vault is tapeless! This means you don’t have to remember to back up, change tapes, take those tapes home, store them properly and bring them back.

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    Don’t like maintenance? That’s good, because there isn’t any.

    Business Continuity Vault is fully managed by us and we’ll make sure the device is operational 365 days a year. The device is monitored by our Network Operations Center and we will dispatch technicians if there are any issues with your Business Continuity Vault – free of charge.

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    We take your security and privacy very seriously.

    Your data is secured with the same level of encryption as a bank. Our data centers are state of the art facilities – complete with biometric security, backup HVAC power and cooling. Chances are, the data is safer in our data center than it is in your office!

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    Even a superhero needs support sometimes.

    We are here to help you for everything from restoring a file, to helping you find a temporary office to work from in the event of a disaster. We’ll even keep an extra cape in your size just for you!